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The future needs
all-star talent.

We are the space
connecting digital professionals
and ambitious projects.

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The world between
the workforce
and the workplace
needs harmony.

Modern-day professionals don’t want modern-day jobs.
They dream of something more:

How can modern-day
companies hire the unhirable?

We believe talent as a service
is the solution.

We are redesigning the future of employment, by sending talent where it needs and wants to go.

We have created a universe of design and engineering all-star talent and opportunities within reach.

Thanks to our handcrafted community of designers and engineers, we offer companies and agencies our out-of-this-world talent as a service.

What our talent as a
service offers


Time saved with on-demand access to people suited to their projects.

More money saved with task-based employment.

Improved quality with dedicated and experienced talent.

Minimized risk with less red tape and pre-vetting.


Time saved with on-demand access to projects suited to their lifestyle.

More money earned with task-based employment.

Improved quality of life with task selection and ownership.

Minimized risk with less commitment.

For the companies

You need talent to shine

Build your taskforce
For the talent

You want opportunities to shine.

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